Wimbledon's Centre Court has a retractable roof to ensure matches can continue despite rain interruptions.

The grass used for Wimbledon's courts is a unique strain called "Lolium Perenne" or perennial ryegrass.

Wimbledon serves over 320,000 glasses of Pimm's, a popular British summer drink, during the tournament. 

Longest Match in history

The iconic Wimbledon trophy, known as the Gentlemen's Singles Trophy, weighs 14.5 kilograms and is made of silver.

The umpires at Wimbledon use a code language called "Umpirese" to communicate with each other discreetly.

The fastest serve recorded in Wimbledon history was by Taylor Dent in 2010, clocking an astonishing speed of 148 miles per hour.

Strawberries and cream are a traditional snack enjoyed by spectators at Wimbledon, with around 28,000 kilograms consumed during the tournament.