The price drops to ₹30 a kg giving relief to consumers; farmers rue drastic dip predicted ahead of khariff harvest

The sudden drop in the price of tomato to ₹30 a kg in the open market on Monday, from the sky-high price of ₹240 a kg last month, came a big breather to the consumers

Quality improve Compared to recent weeks, the quality of tomatoes, even though of third-grade variety, has improved, and this is the stock that the vendors procure from outside the wholesale markets at lower prices.

The first-grade tomatoes were sold at ₹38 a kg, and the second-grade variety was available at ₹29 per kg

It is observed that between June and August first week, only 10% of the farmers could benefit from the high prices of tomatoes, while a majority of the farmers suffered crop damage due to adverse climatic conditions.

The officials said that bumper yields have already started in Anantapur and Kalyanadurgam region, Kolar and Chintamani tomato belt in Karnataka.

Now, our fields are abuzz with harvest activities of the first batch of tomatoes and will pick up full swing by August end

Even though tomatoes were being sold at a considerably low price for two days, many households continue to shy away from buying the vegetable, unmindful of the dip in the prices.

Indians who are feeling the pinch of high tomato prices since the last week of June are expected to get relief in the next two weeks as arrivals from key producing states like Maharashtra and Karnataka pick up.

Crops from Maharashtra and Karnataka, which together have a 17% share in production, will start arriving in the market in large volumes from next week.

The department of consumer affairs has projected that tomato production would increase to 0.54 million tons (MT) this month from 0.22 MT in July due to higher output from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh.