Some very pretty kitties have been popping up, one after the other, in parks and private yards in Montgomery County, Maryland.

About two weeks ago, groups of kittens were found along the Sligo Creek Trail, which runs through Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

All of the cats that were turning up from the Sligo Creek Trail to the Wheaton Library area were Himalayans

As many as 35 cats and kittens — all Himalayans — had been recovered.

They range in age from 6 months to 10-years-old.

One big concern is the health of the cats. 

Some of the cats were dehydrated, some of them were not grooming themselves, which is an indicator of high stress

They definitely need more volunteers for the amount of work of trapping and neutering and spaying all the cats in Montgomery County that are outside,” said Ingle.

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