Perseid meteor shower 2023: What is it, when and where to watch. Details here

The Perseid meteor shower will be seen on 12 August as the Earth passes through the dustiest debris of comet Swift-Tuttle’s trails

If you’ve got nice clear weather and a good dark sky, you go out just before dawn and you’ll see a Perseid per minute or so," said NASA meteor scientist Bill Cooke

The Perseid meteor shower is often considered to be the best meteor shower of the year due to its high rates and pleasant late-summer temperatures

Weather permitting, you’ll have the best view of the Perseids in the Northern Hemisphere between midnight and dawn, but early Perseids are already being spotted.

What are the Perseids? The Perseids are one of the biggest meteor showers. It occurs every year in the late summer. Meteor showers happen when the Earth moves through fields of debris floating around in space

The Perseid meteor shower is a major summer event in the sky. It will shine brightest on August 12 ,mainly visible in the Northern Hemisphere.

In the above image the blue shaded area is the Northern Hemisphere. So  look out for your country and hope the weather is clear. Enjot the Meteor Shower

Do I Need Any Equipment to Watch a Meteor Shower? All you need is time and patience and a secluded viewing spot, away from city lights. Once you have found a safe and dark viewing spot, follow these handy tips: – Fire up the Interactive Meteor Shower Sky Map on your mobile device to find out where to look in the sky for the radiant. Don't have a cellular signal? Don't despair. Just print out the table on the meteor shower page beforehand and bring it with you. – Plan your trip such that you give yourself about 15-30 minutes to set up and let your eyes adjust to the dark.