The Phoenix Lights (1997)

Thousands watched in awe as a V-shaped formation of lights silently swept across the Arizona sky, leaving experts puzzled and conspiracy theories soaring.

The Battle of Los Angeles (1942)

In the midst of WWII, Los Angeles experienced an inexplicable UFO scare that triggered a frantic anti-aircraft barrage, but the truth remains hidden in the fog of war.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident (1980)

U.S. Air Force personnel encounter a mysterious metallic object in a Suffolk forest, sparking a UFO mystery that endures through the years.

The Belgian UFO Wave (1989-1990)

Belgium is gripped by an unrelenting wave of sightings as large triangular crafts with bright lights evade authorities, leaving a nation on edge.

The Tunguska Event (1908) 

A colossal explosion in Siberia flattens miles of forest without a trace, spawning speculation of an extraterrestrial object's involvement.